GAUCÍN: Balcony of the Ronda Mountains where the Holy Child appeared to St. John of God.
The illustrious, always noble, very hospitable village of Gaucín.

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Santo Niño Programme 2015

Santo Niño Programme 2015

Monday 07 September

0900hrs: Floral procession through the streets of Gaucín, accompanied by the municipal band.

1200hrs: Solemn bell-ringing

1900hrs: The statue of Santo Niño will be carried from the castle chapel to the church of San Sebastián where Mass and the 8th novena will be celebrated. A floral tribute will be placed at the cemetery gates and prayers will be said for the deceased of the village.

2300hrs: Party in the Plaza de Santo Niño with music from ‘Dinamic’ and ‘Latidos’.

Tuesday 08 September

0900hrs: Floral procession through the streets of Gaucín, accompanied by the municipal band.

1200hrs: Mass in the church of San Sebastián in honour of Santo Niño dios de Gaucín and San Juan de Dios.

1730hrs: Solemn procession of the statues of Santo Niño and San Juan de Dios. We invite everyone to decorate their houses for the procession of the statues.

2300hrs: Party in the Plaza de Santo Niño with music from ‘Dinamic’ and ‘Latidos’.

International Folk Music Evening

A wonderful evening....The plaza was full of people, colours and music!

From Gaucín:
2015-08-31 21.32.49


From Bangladesh:
2015-08-31 21.53.14

2015-08-31 22.10.17

From Pais Vasco:
2015-08-31 22.36.35

2015-08-31 22.40.53

From Mexico:
2015-08-31 23.43.41

2015-08-31 mex

2015-08-31 23.45.15 compressed

Romeria de la Adelfilla

Photos from the romeria....
2015-08-30 08.46.22

2015-08-30 08.49.10

2015-08-30 09.12.04

2015-08-30 09.14.24

2015-08-30 09.33.31

Paso Doble Competition

Some photos from the recent Paso Doble competition held in the Plaza de Santo Niño:
2015-08-29 22.38.36

2015-08-29 23.44.06

2015-08-29 23.44.50

Live Flamenco - La Parrilla del Pilar Sat 29 August

Flamenco la parilla

Evening of International Music


Pilgrimage to the chapel of San Juan de Dios

Sunday 30 August: Pilgrimage to the chapel of San Juan de Dios, at the site of the Adelfilla spring. A walk down to the chapel accompanying the statue of Santo Niño will be followed by a 'flamenco' mass with singing by the coro romero de San Pablo de Buceite. After the service there will be free paella and entertainment from Dúo Latidos before the statue is returned to Gaucín castle. This is probably Gaucín's most important annual event, bringing many people back to the village as families gather to celebrate Juan Ciudad's sighting of the holy child in 1536.
2015-08-21 19.57.38

Art Exhibition - Ana Pellón

New exhibition in El Cuartito, Ana Pellón and her "Houses of the soul"

Ana Pellon exhibition Aug 2015

Gaucín Feria 2015

Thanks to all of those involved in organising a wonderful Feria that was enjoyed by everyone. Here's a reminder of some of the events!

From the Mass in honour of Our Lady of the Snows on the opening day of the Feria de Gaucín 2015:
Feria Mass1

Village Mile Race:

Feria Race3

Feria Race4

Feria Race2

The procession arrives at the Feria:
Feria arrival3

Feria firework

feria arrival

Feria arrival2

Feria Queen 2015 - Laura Moreno Ocaña
Feria reina

The infant Queen - Paula Morales Valle:
Feria reina infantil

Queens, consorts and maids of honour:
Feria reina y damas

Feria Thurs1

Feria Thurs2

Feria entertainment:
Feria dodgems

Duo Malacai:
Feria malacai1

 La Charanga 'Amigos de la Música Gaucín-Estepona':
Feria charanga1

Foam party!
Feria espuma1

Feria espuma

Sunday 'rociero':
Feria domingo3

Feria domingo2

Feria domingo1

Miguel Ángel Palma:
Feria sun1

Feria sun2

Feria sun3

Art and Culture Andalucia

Art and Culture Andalucia offer locals the opportunity to join in part of their September Short Course - see 'Read more' for the itinerary. The price for 2 lectures and lunch is 50 euros and the dates are:

26th-29th September. You can join one, two or all three days if you wish, arriving at 10.30 and leaving at 3.00.

Anyone who is interested should contact us at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have limited spaces so do feel free to sign up or if you are interested in joining another time do let us know. We did a similar course in April and it was well attended and enjoyed. The atmosphere is informal and there is plenty of space to chat. These courses are designed to get under the skin of certain aspects of Andalusian culture and art.