GAUCÍN: Balcony of the Ronda Mountains where the Holy Child appeared to St. John of God.
The illustrious, always noble, very hospitable village of Gaucín.


There are no "multinational" or chain stores in Gaucín, village stores seem disorganized to the foreign observer, & "marketing" is an unknown skill. But the many food shops, general stores & specialized stores sell a gamut of food, clothing, household products indispensable to country life in the Serranía. It is a privilege to shop in Gaucín for food, as shop keepers are aware of the luxury of fresh locally grown food & stock whatever is in season. Prices in the village are generally much lower than the Coast. Most stores will deliver if you live in town. Those who live in the campo will find parking is limited. Shopping hours are 9:30 - 10 a.m. until 1:30 or 2 p.m. , and from 4 or 5 until 8 or 9 p.m.

The following listings are not complete but continues to update this page.


Municipal Market

The market was completely renovated in 2009. Open from 9.30 - 1.30 pm.

There are two stall selling fresh fish from Algeciras, open Tuesday through Saturday: Ana Maria Rosa in the stand of Manuel Roja Roja, y José Barriga.

Isabel Maria Rosas Godino sells organic vegetables and fruits as well as the regular ones at her stand in the Mercado Municipal.

Rosa Listán Montero sells meats, including beef, lamb and sausages, as well as free range eggs, in her stand at the Mercado Municipal.

Kid is also available on Saturdays.

Fish alternatives
- A truck from Algeciras with very good fish appears at the gas station every Tuesday & Thursday in the afternoon.
- Dieguichi comes every afternoon from Estepona & goes to selected streets. He supplies the Casablanca & Fructuosa restaurants.

Cándida - carnicería Carnicería Cándida
C/Convento, 952 15 1089. Cándida not only sells meat but makes her own chorizos, morcillas & cures her own jamones. She also sells lamb & kid from local flocks. She can also special order range grown poultry. A dying tradition. Very slow but worth it.

Supermercado Gaucín
2 locations: across from Alameda & Guardia Civil near the crossroad to Algeciras - Ronda (good parking) & on the Farmácia street. Very good selection & very willing to order anything not in stock. Very popular esp. with people living on outlying fincas.

Supermercado Covirán
c/Jacobo Real – opposite the Health Centre on the Ronda end of town.
Open 8.30–14.00 and 17.30–21.00, SUNDAYS 10.30-13.00
English Products
Hot fresh bread every day, including Sundays
Reme Villena Godino – 680 453 895

Ultramarinos Hidalgo (el "estanco")
C/José Antonio, 18 (in front of the pastry shop on the way into the Plaza of the fuente.) 952 15 1087. Excellent quality & prices. Home delivery. Famous for the best prices in town.

Alimentación Andrades
C/Calvo Sotelo, 2 (on the callejon below the Town Hall); 952 15 1366, 686 42 8462

Pepe y MariPaz Medina
C/Convento, 952 15 1126. Very well stocked store with many grocery items sought by foreign tourists. Many fruits & vegetables in season come from their finca and in the back they have eggs from their finca if requested. Very popular. Don't let the chatting put you off.

La Gasolinera
952 15 1324. The Moncada family runs the only gas station in town, & its shop is the only place to buy food on a Sunday. It sells basics, such as bread, milk, butter, eggs, candy etc. It also sells English & Spanish Sunday newspapers.

Bo Frost
Antonio Sanchez Salas, 610 755 037. Antonio comes to the village every two weeks on Thursday in his truck loaded with frozen foods of high quality from a German company. Goods range from truly wonderful ice creams in all permutations including versions for diabetics, to raw & prepared meats, vegetables, & fish, prepared dinners, pizza, Asian specialties, & pastries. Pricey but excelent quality.

Pura Vida Organic Shop
Phone: 952 15 1369 - Address: Calle Convento 166 (near the crossing for the road to Manilva)
Summer hours:
Tues-Fri 9 to 3pm, evenings from 6 to 9 pm. Monday 10 to 3pm, and Saturday 9 to 3 pm
Offers large diversity of organic foods, drinks, fresh produce, cleaning products, fair trade crafts, wifi internet, as well as a vegetarian cafe serving lunch and breakfast
Boníssim Delicatessen
Gourmet, local and international Products

calle Convento 54; Tel: 951 16 89 41
Run by Elisa Miràngels. Artisan breads and pastries baked daily at the store. The best croissants in the area!
Roast chickens, specialized with free-range chickens. Take-away: potatoe omelet, tuna empanadas, artisan ham croquettes, spicy chicken wings. Barbecued baby lamb and pork chops to order ahead. Big selection of wines and Cavas.
Open Thursdays through Sundays. Hours: 10 to 14:30 and 17:30 a 21:30. Sunday open all day. Home delivery service.
June through September - also open Mondays.


Teresa Tienda Teresa
Across from the Municipal market. 952 15 1134 or 667 67 23 75. Always crowded because Teresa Ramírez is indefatigable in getting the best of everything at low prices. Cut flowers & plants in the entrance; can be special ordered. Good selection of clothes for all ages, from underwear to jackets & shoes. At feria time (first week August) spectacular flamenco dresses (rociera, campo, etc.) at excellent prices, also made to order in your choice of fabric & style, takes a week. Wearable ("ponible") and fashionable denim items. Also: jewelry, "perfumería", cleaning equipment, clay flower pots, dry goods incl. Sewing supplies, toys, etc. If it isn't in the store, Teresa can order it for you.

Calzados y Complementos Pilar
C/de los Bancos (across from the Stationery store). 607 63 33 79. Pilar Bautista sells good quality shoes at bargain prices, e.g. sturdy leather campo boots for 20 euros or canvas - rubber soled slippers (chinos) for 8 euros. Small selection of wearable, well-priced clothing for children & adults, underwear, toys, "perfumería", jewelry, gifts.


Ferrgenal Hardware Store
C/Convento, 103; T - 952 15 1358, F: 952 15 1168. Juan Marquez del Río & his sons have probably the biggest business in town. Sooner or later you'll meet everyone in the region at this busy store as neighboring pueblos have no hardware stores. Ferrgenal has a complete line of everything in building materials, hardware items, custom-mixed paint, and a big showroom of flooring, wall tiles & bathroom appliances at their hotel (still under-construction) on the road to Ronda. Anything they don't have can be ordered. They also have a branch in Algatocín.

At junction Ronda-Algeciras-Ronda road, 952 15 1434 & 952 15 1106. Maribel y Juan Jarillo have another of the most popular stores in the village. They sell everything needed for campo life: animal feed, seeds, bulbs and plants, regional olive oil and pulses and other vegetables in season, pet supplies, equestrian equipment & clothing, & everything for the garden. The vet has hours in the back of their store every Wednesday morning. Juan is a pillar of the horsy set. Good parking.

Computer Store Micro-Idea
Calle Cañamaque, Nº 5. Tel: 952 15 1123

Run by José Manuel Sanchez Andrade. Sale of systems, components, repairs, maintenance, and everything you need for your computer. Put your digital photos on a CD; consult your email, surf the web.

Monday thru Fridays: 10am to 2 pm, 5pm to 8 pm, Saturdays, 10am to 2pm

Stationery Shop
C/San Juan de Diós, 952 15 1580. Besides a full range of office and school supplies, Mª José Lermos Ruíz and José Gavilan Mendoza sell magazines, gifts and provide fax, photocopy & plastification services. They also can order publicity materials from Ronda with text & photos such as cigarette lighters, calendars, cards, posters, etc. At Christmas they have a full range of toys. José Gavilán is the President of the Parents Association at the school.

Electro Muebles Mendoza
Behind Unicaja, 952 15 1135. María Mendoza sells large and small domestic appliances, from stoves, refrigerators and washing machines to juicers and hair dryers. Products not in stock can be ordered from catalogues. She offers photo developing (sent to Ronda) and picture framing, done in the village. She also stocks a range of lamps and beaded curtains frames.

Electrónica Vera
952 15 1396. Manuel Vera sells, installs and repairs TVs, antennas & satellite systems, videos & DVDs, mobile telephones including Vodafone, Amena and Movistar, sound systems and some domestic appliances. Very good service. Very handy to have an electronics professional in the pueblo.

Tienda Luis
C/Convento, 102
Tel: 952 15 1595 o 672 495 048
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Decoration and gifts El Convento. Run by Luis Ruibérriz de Torres. Gifts, decoration, hand-crafted ítems, old furniture, curiosities from past eras, collectors' items, and original works of art.

The best gift/decoration shop in all of the Serranía de Ronda. Closed Mondays.

Laundry/Dry Cleaner
Cerrado de la Joven, 7; 952 15 1496. Located at the very top of the village: go to Nanta and turn left down the road which is least steep. Antonio Machado and his sister Paqui opened this excellent service this summer (2003.) They cater to hotels and restaurants as well as private persons. They pick up and deliver. Open every day from 9.30 -2 p.m., 5 - 8 p.m. Closed Saturday afternoon and Sundays.

Sports Shop
Plaza in front of the Municipal Market, 696 466 791. Fernando Garcia (brother of Juani in the Town Hall) has a well-stocked sports store and can order anything. Top brand sports shoes as well as equipment. However, store is often closed as Fernando also runs the Municipal gym and is the coach for local football teams. Call and make an appointment.

Hairdresser - Ani
C/Toledillo, 44(next to the Casino); 952 15 1578. Ani provides a full range of hair styling services for men and women, including color and cutting. Almudena offers esthetician services: manicures, pedicures, hot or cold waxing, depilation, facials, paraffin, body treatments for cellulite, stretch marks, etc., at very competitive prices.